Label Jemmy

Regular Jameson is what Irish Distillers (a.k.a. Pernod Richard) are pushing as the "premier" Irish Whiskey, so if you are abroad this is quite likely to be the only Irish Whiskey you get easily.

Comment: The thing to drink if you find yourself abroad.

Label Crested Ten

Another staple of mine, I'm afraid.

Comment: Has the edge on the regular Jemmy.

Label 1780

It get's even better! This is what I used drink as an aged whiskey until I discovered the new Redbreast.

Comment: Strong stuff. Don't you dare add soda!

Label Distillery Reserve

If you wonder why you don't see this label often it's because it is only available from the Jameson Heritage Centre.

Comment: I really must get in the car and get some.
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